Shaping the Future: The UX of Near Field Communication

NOTE: This is the draft of my entry for a lightning talk at UX Lisbon 2013. Let me know what you  think of it.

The information age took us by storm and the mobile revolution is still in full effect – yet we already stand on the brink of the next paradigm shift: the seamless connection of information and personal devices.

Much of this involves a technology called Near Field Communication, NFC in short. NFC is based on paper-thin adhesive chips that can hold tiny bits of information. These can be stuck wherever their use is appropriate and read by NFC devices, mobile Phones being one important part of them. More and more mobile phones come with the capability to read and also write NFC chips.

NFC is usually only mentioned in connection with payment systems. Its range of possible use though is breathtaking and sadly too often neglected.

This talk offers a brief introduction to the principle of how NFC works and focuses on the amazing possibilities of NFC in everyday use and how NFC can enrich our experiences with technology by showing actual and (once) futuristic use cases and how this relates to our profession of User Experience Design.