Post-fictional droidism: interactions with artificial intelligence

In october 2011 Apple launched a personal assistant called Siri with one of their iPhone upgrades. While the rest of the new soft- and hardware were hardly worth mentioning, Siri got quite a bit of momentum.

My 18 months old son and Siri have something going behind my back.

Especially in the first time after its release, but also up to this day I could make several observations that, when put together, have very interesting implications on how we think of, feel about and respond to artificial intelligence. There is no denying: Even before Siri, artificial intelligence had started to creep into our lives at an increasing speed. We are entering the era of post-fictional droidism: we can surround us with elaborate appliances that do the vacuming for us, get us the info we need to get something done or manage to save electricity by observing our routines and learning how we live.
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